Episode 3 – Musical Independence

In this episode, Jordan and Kevin discuss what musical independence and music literacy looks like in the music room and beyond. They also play a few games and share a moment of joy.

Show notes:

Useful resource for a Kodály inspired sequencing:

First we Sing, Susan Brumfield

An American Methodology, Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson

Kodály Today, Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka


Episode 2 -Singing

In this episode, we share out views about singing in the music classroom.

Show Notes

Quote: To teach a child an instrument without first giving him preparatory training and without developing singing, reading and dictating to the highest level along with the playing is to build upon sand.” -Zoltán Kodály

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Teaching the Elementary School Chorus by Linda Swears




The photo above is the fine group of musicians that Jordan could not stop bragging on, right after the concert on Sunday. (Everyone has signed a media release)

Music credit: Mark Kroos, Markkroos.com




Episode 1- A Well-Trained Ear, Intelligence, Heart, and Hand

Show Notes:
In this episode we discuss one of Kodály’s most famous quotes about the developing musician. We also play a few games, introduce ourselves and share some joyful moments.

OAKE website: oake.org


“The characteristics of a good musician can be summarized as follows: 1. A well-trained ear. 2. A well-trained intelligence. 3. A well-trained heart. 4. A well-trained hand. All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium. As soon as one lags behind or rushes ahead, there is something wrong. So far most of you have met only the requirement of the fourth point: the training of your fingers has left the rest far behind. You would have achieved the same results more quickly and easily, however, if your training in the other three had kept pace.”

Music in this podcast episode comes from my good friend, Mark Kroos. He is an amazing guitarist and arranger. I have had him come to my school and play for the students and staff, we all came away inspired and ready to rock! Please check out his website, buy his tracks, and get him to come to your schools!


Thank you, Jordan